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Agencies Partner - Digital Marketing

Is your business a digital marketing agency that offers the ability to manage email marketing campaigns?

We want to share with you the advantages of using program.

    What is this program about?

    The Agencies Partner program is meant for all agencies that manage all email marketing campaigns of their clients.

    We offer two types of plans:

    • Master Account & Sub Accounts: with this first option, the agency is responsible for the payment of the email marketing plan, which is divided between their Sub Accounts. The master account is the one who manages all sharing to sub accounts such as templates, images, and lists. Each sub account, including the master account, will have their own deliverability reputation and work independently. How does this plan work?
    • Here is an example:

      An agency with 3 clients.

      • Client A: 750 Contacts
      • Client B: 3,400 Contacts
      • Client C: 18,800 Contacts

      The unique total of contacts between the 3 clients sums the amount of 22,950 contacts. Therefore the agency will need to buy List Plan 25,000. This plan can then be divided for the 3 clients using the list plan options offered by Benchmark:

      • Client A: 1,000 Contacts
      • Client B: 3,500 Contacts
      • Client C: 20,000 Contacts

      With this option, Benchmark will apply a 25% discount to the Plan that the agency buys. To benefit from this discount is necessary to have either the same plan or a bigger plan of 100,000 contacts.

    • Clients Account: this second option, the client buy their own plan and the agency can log in to their clients account to manage their campaigns. However, in this option, you can't share images, lists or templates. Yet, they will still have their own deliverability and reputation.

    To benefit, the agencies client needs to signup using the agencies Partner URL, which will be receiving a 25% commission for the plan of his client.

    Program Benefits:

    • Recurring Income
    • Exclusive discounts
    • Marketing material to promote this program.
    • A dashboard to manage clients
    • Dedicated support to the agency and their clients.

    With Benchmark Email, you will be offering the best email marketing tools in the market, supported by an incredible group of experts.

    Also, you will have more benefits like discounts and exclusive attention through our Analysis of the Deliverability program.


    • To receive the 25% discount, you will need to contact us to activate the discount.
    • To receive commissions, you must complete the payment options information. To access the Payment Options section, go to your Profile in the Partner Program Page.
    • Payment options are Check ACH, and PayPal
    • Commission payments are not retroactive.
    • Commissions are paid out to partners every month if they have reached over $30.00 If this amount is not reached, it will be accumulated for the next month.
    • Commissions payments are available for each client for 30 months.
    • U.S. Partners, please be aware that you are required to complete a W-9 form to be eligible to receive your commission. Once you have completed your W9 form make sure you email it to our support team at support@benchmarkemail.com